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miniSASS Study

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miniSASS Newsletters 

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miniSASS educational resources

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  miniSASS Study

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Project reports which used miniSASS

Learners and action groups can use miniSASS to gather information for reports and projects. Here are some examples:

  • Makana Ntsika Howison River 13 April 2014

While on holiday at the Orange three interested individulals stopped in at Rhodes and we able to conduct a miniSASS study there. Sheena Talma, Shana Mian and Chantal Taylor, Rhodes graduates, from Wild-Reach (a community support student environmental club) managed the process and helped compile a report.  A very big thank you to the 3 of them for sharing their knowledge and encouraging economically disadvantaged young people so generously.


  Icon Makana Ntsika Howison River 13 April 2014 (2) (3).pdfLookup (785.9 KB)


  • Mkomazi River Environmental Survey and Expedition

Seven G.A.P Post Matric learners from Treverton Collage have successfully walked the Mkhomazi Catchment from the source all the way to the coast. This environmental survey and expedition was 298km long and was divided into eight sites where they performed miniSASS tests, physico-chemical tests and general environmental assessments including smell, invasive plants and soil erosion. This multidimensional expedition was not only fun but very educational for the learners and now increased the state of knowledge for many.

Icon Environmental Study of the Mkhomazi River (1.0 MB)

  • Michaelhouse Geography Project using miniSASS

Kyle Payne-James who is a class of 2013 pupil from Michael House uses miniSASS as part of his Grade 12 geography project used miniSASS. A study of water quality along a portion of the Bushman’s River in KwaZulu-Natal. This study shows the impacts of pollution in the aquatic ecology of a river system.

Icon Environmental Study of the Mkhomazi River.pdf (1.0 MB)


Literature references relating to miniSASS

miniSASS — A novel technique for community participation in river health monitoring and management

Authors: P Mark Graham, Chris WS Dickens & R Jim Taylor

African Journal of Aquatic Science, Volume 29, Issue 1, 2004


Media interviews relating to miniSASS

Icon Podcast_SA FM Interview with Mark Graham about miniSASS (17.7 MB)

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