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How to do miniSASS

Collect a miniSASS sample

miniSASS Journey

Gather all the field sheets and equipment!

Go to a river and collect bugs.

Count and identify all the bugs you have collected. Use the Dichotomous Key and Identification guide.

Score them using the (Version 2.0 November 2011) and find your river health!!

Read more on preparing for miniSASS...


Upload your miniSASS result to the database map

Register on the website.

Play and explore the map page

Enter your data on the miniSASS Data Input window! 

Check that is corresponds and correlates to your field result!

The result will pop up as a crab with a colour reflecting the ecological region that your river falls in.


Tips for exploring the miniSASS database map

Zooming Press "Shift" then click and drag an area on the map and it will immediately zoom into that area. Alternatively, use the scroll wheel to also zoom in and out of the map. You can pan the map using the mouse.

Legends are able to tell you what all the different symbols mean, so you can tell how well the river is doing.

Switch on the Overlays to see previous miniSASS results and local schools.

GPS Co-ordinates the map accepts both Decimal Degrees and Degrees/Minutes/Seconds formats. You can choose N/S and E/W depending on where the river came from.

Information on other sites. To get more information on the sites, use the "i" information button and click on the crab to reveal all the observations.



Recent Observations

Unknown stream-Indaba lane

: The_Scout
: 1st Honeydew Scouts
: 14 Jul 2021
: 6.00

Madanzhe river -Maungani road s

: 18016216mukwevhoQueen
: University of venda
: 07 Jul 2021
: 6.75

Dzindi River-Dzindi upstream

: 19008853
: 07 Jul 2021
: 4.50

Madanzhe river-Maungn road sit

: 18016216mukwevhoQueen
: University of venda
: 07 Jul 2021
: 5.33

Tshibubuni -Mbilwi

: Ally
: 07 Jul 2021
: 4.50

Tshibubuni -Mbilwi

: Ally
: 07 Jul 2021
: 6.67

Madanzhe River-petrol gar site

: malatjiselby97
: University of Venda
: 07 Jul 2021
: 2.67

Madanzhe river-Upstream

: Nethengwe@24
: University of venda student
: 07 Jul 2021
: 3.25

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