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Tips for exploring the miniSASS database map


miniSASS Crab

Press "Shift" then click and drag an area on the map and it will immediately zoom into that area. The miniSASS database map contains a selection of background layers that one can choose from. Click on the tabs for information on other sites or observations. Use your mouse to move and pan the map around. Activate the "Schools" Layer to be able to find your school.



The legend tells you what the different symbols mean. You will only use this to analyse your data once you have put it in. Go into the map and regions to see the state of a river you know. Also you can see the trends and the results from other sites. By activating the overlays, you can also see the different schools and their latest observations. By using "zoom to school/site" you can go directly to a river or a school you know.


Quick Link Buttons

miniSASS information buttond

There are four quick link buttons that are available on the left of the map. Use these to enter your data and gather information on other sites. Use the "Enter Observation" button to enter a site when you have the GPS co-ordinates and the "click site on map" to enter a site by finding it on the map and clicking on a new site on the map. To add an observation onto an already existing site then





Use the "i" tool  to get information about other sites and observations by clicking on the crab. This tool reveals the miniSASS observation details table, containing the site description, GPS co-ordinates and their miniSASS results. This is helpful when you want to make a new observation at a particular site or even when comparing results from a certain catchment.

The tabs at the top are able to show the results on different dates. This way you can observe the general history of the particular site.

Recent Observations

Liesbeek-River garden

: clintdean2
: Centre for Conservation Education
: 20 Nov 2020
: 4.67

Modderfont-Lakeside dam

: St Benedicts Cubs
: 19 Nov 2020
: 5.20

Modderfont-Lakeside dam

: WateD
: Cubs St Benedicts
: 12 Nov 2020
: 9.00

Symmons stream-Symmons trail

: Darwin
: GroundTruth
: 23 Oct 2020
: 5.00

Umhlatuzana Riv-Under Bridge

: RedSage
: 22 Oct 2020
: 3.25


: NVTteam
: Nature's Valley Trust
: 14 Sep 2020
: 4.78

Pearl Valley 4 -4th Creek

: pearlvalleygolfcourse
: Pearl Valley Golfcourse
: 31 Aug 2020
: 7.60

Hekpoort-Mogale's Gate

: Nicky
: 31 Aug 2020
: 4.80

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