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How to upload your miniSASS result to the database map


Once you have collected your miniSASS sample, record all the information needed on the miniSASS sheet. To upload your miniSASS results you will first need to register.

miniSASS CrabPlay

On the map page you will see the buttons on the left and the helping text below. Before you add any of your data just play around with all the tools and familiarise yourself with the layers and the zooming functions.



Find Your Site/School

Google terrain shows you the image of the physical geography of the area whilst Google Satellite shows you the actual image from the satellite. The Google Road layer shows the map functions like roads and cities and the Rivers and Catchments layer only shows the rivers, streams and catchments.

UploadminiSASS ecological catagories

To upload your data, you can either do it by clicking on the site by panning the map or by adding the co-ordinates manually. If you wish to add the latest observations to an already existing site than you can do so by prior selection of that site. Take careful note to fill in all the sections; the river type, date and the GPS co-ordinates on the miniSASS DATA Input table. Add your data as per your collection, clicking only the relevant macroinvertabrates.


Are you at the right spot?

When you enter your GPS co-ordinates remember:

Longitude: East is positive (+) West is negative (-)
Latitude: North is positive (+) South is negative (-)
In South Africa latitude is always (-), longitude is always (+)



Double Check that this correlates with your on-site data. Save your site and it will pop up on the map. If you made a mistake you can send a request for change on the "Contact Us" Page.


Recent Observations

Kleinfontein -Keinfontein

: Themba15
: Randwater board
: 03 Oct 2019
: 3.00

Umlazi-Ntshongweni Dam

: Amanzimtoti P
: 30 Sep 2019
: 5.57

Skeerpoort-At Skeerpoort

: jaftan
: Department of Water and Sanitation
: 27 Sep 2019
: 6.00

Soutpanspruit-Tswaing Crater

: jaftan
: Department of Water and Sanitation
: 27 Sep 2019
: 2.00

Hekpoort river-Mogales gate

: Mish
: 26 Sep 2019
: 5.22

Hekpoort-Mogale's Gate

: Nicky
: 24 Sep 2019
: 4.80

Apies River-pretoria zoo

: sanbi2
: 23 Sep 2019
: 4.78

Apies River-Pretoria

: ZooClub1
: National Zoological Gardens
: 23 Sep 2019
: 6.43

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